Craft beer is more than just a product at Great Leap Brewing. It is a responsibility. Before autumn of 2010, craft beer in Beijing was a far off dream or a recollection of home for many expats. Since pouring our first pints of Honey Ma Gold, Pale Ale #6 and the East City Porter on a fateful autumn evening, we have gladly carried the responsibility of building a craft beer community in Beijing.

Great Leap beers proudly incorporate traditional Chinese ingredients and boast flavors and aromas unique to the Middle Kingdom. Each of our beers is created with the goal of showcasing the finest aspects of Chinese history and culture.

We set out with the goal of brewing world-class beers, of which Beijing would be proud. Now it is our goal to put Great Leap beer in the hands of as many people as possible, both in China and around the globe.


Carl Setzer

Founder and Brewmaster

Liu Fang

Founder and Boss