Vitus the Great

Brewed with whole flower Qingdao flower hops, green tea, and rock sugar, Vitus the Great is a Chinese take on a Belgian style Saison. This Sino-European Saison was made in collaboration with Boxing Cat Brewery and Warpigs Brewpub back in autumn of 2016. Russo-Danish cartographer Vitus Bering was the leader of both the Great Northern Expedition and Kamchatka Expedition, during which he mapped and bestowed his name upon the Bering Strait, Bering Sea, Bering Glacier, Bering Island, and Bering Landbridge.

Collaborator(s): Boxing Cat Brewery and Warpigs Brewpub

Style: Saison

Body: Medium

Special: Iron Buddha Oolong Tea

ABV: 5.8%