The Best Half of Great Leap
The Best Half of Great Leap
March 8, 2019

Chairman Mao, in all his wisdom, once said, “Women hold up half of the sky.” However, seeing the commercialization of major consumer goods establishing events on March 8th (International Women’s Day) every year, can be heartbreaking.

From their first breath and first moments crying, the first sentence that many little girls hear in their lives is: “Is it a girl? Ah don’t worry, boys and girls are the same.” Yet, no one says that when a boy is born. In the process of growing up, women are more aware of the difference between men and women. They are reminded constantly. “Your education level doesn’t need to be too high. As long as you’re attractive, you can marry and get whatever you need.” When interviewing for a job, women will all face the same, careful questions from HR representatives: “Are you married? Are you going to have children?” Women who work hard may also be passed over by their male colleagues for promotions, simply because “women who are married and have children are more troublesome.” Even if women become famous or successful, they don’t dare to get too fat or appear too old, and they definitely shouldn’t wait too long to get married. Otherwise, the overwhelming public opinion will be . . . overwhelming.

While having children is not necessarily the end of a woman’s career, society’s expectations for mothers are different than fathers. Many people are opinionated about what it means to be a good mother. You must work during the day, take care of the children at night, and if your husband occasionally helps to change a diaper, he almost automatically receives the moniker of “World’s Greatest Dad.” It is no wonder that female comedians don’t come back to work once they are married and have children, but male comedians remain on stage to regale us with stories about their wives and children. When human beings reach middle age, women are asked more often about how to balance their careers and families. This kind of thing will not be asked of successful men, because society defaults that men should give everything to their careers and should not worry about trivial matters at home. Even just as a beer-drinker, women face prejudice repeatedly: “Girls must like fruit beer! This low-alcohol sweet beer is especially for women! Don’t drink strong beer! That is for the boys, drink some fresh juice instead.”

Every year on March 8th, numerous companies “celebrate” Women’s Day. Stores change their designs, restaurants provide flowers and cakes, and breweries do their best to gather all the women they can find to pose for pictures and to make a beer to celebrate women. Bars have ladies’ night specials or Women’s Day specials just because the managers rudely believe that free/low-priced drinks can attract beautiful women and that eye candy will help bring in more of those hard-working men. Some establishments really lay it on thick and don’t even dare to use the word “women,” instead opting for words like “Queen, Goddess, or Girls.” March 7th is “Girls’ Day” because we’re afraid to even be called women. I guess we need to enjoy our one day before we have to return to the remaining 364 days of women just being …around?

Fortunately, the world is advancing and the workplace is working towards equal pay for equal work. The fashion circle has even supported the “body positivity” movement that has followed Victoria’s Secret’s “perfect body” initiative. Plus-size models have stepped onto the stage, showing that the new generation is not just focusing on inner feelings but also believe that women should not focus solely on whether they are beautiful or not. A woman’s strength should come from the true heart.

It’s 2019, and we shouldn’t be surprised if a brewery has a few sporadic female employees. Ninety percent of the leadership of Great Leap Brewing is female, which should not be surprising. Liu Fang, Co-founder and Boss of Great Leap, is a woman. The Director of Brewing Operations, Wiebke Hense, is a woman. Half of the brewing and quality control team are women. The CMO, Sales Director, HR Director, quality and compliance officer, and finance director are all women. Recently, Foo Lanxin, easily one of the most innovative and accomplished new-generation brewers in the world, will leave her position at Warpigs Brewpub in Denmark to join the Great Leap Brewing team. When women in brewing is not a pleasant surprise, but rather a corporate culture, there is no need to deliberately organize a female-focused campaign. Perhaps Great Leap has the largest number of female employees in the entire Asian brewing industry. **This should not be labeled or belittled as purely promotional materials used to pat oneself on the back or increase sales. If you describe Great Leap as a person, this person has been independent from a young age, defying stereotypes, xenophobia, and pointless labels. We embrace different genders, different sexual orientations, and the differences between – as well as the humanity of – each person. It is through these differences that we define who we are. Things are not only black and white, humanity should not only be simply classified as male and female, single or married. After all, there are thousands of kinds of beer, there are thousands of kinds of people, and there are thousands of types of beautiful. We believe that each one deserves to be recognized, affirmed, and cherished.

Every day is Women’s Day at Great Leap Brewing. It is precisely because of these great women that Great Leap is here today! Cheers!


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