GLB #45

Following the explosive success of Great Leap’s Flagship Brewpub #12 it was apparent that we needed to once again expand our facilities to satisfy Beijing’s growing thirst for craft beer. In March 2015, Great Leap Brewpub #45 opened for business. The brewery’s three 2,500 liter fermentation tanks are on site to produce our three best-selling beers: the Honey Ma Gold, Pale Ale and Banana Wheat. The bar at GLB #45 features an Angram Beer Engine, from which we pour a series of beers to offer guests a taste of traditional hand pulled ales.

Great Leap Brewpub #45 also employs a full service kitchen. Even though GLB burgers had achieved local fame, the brain trust of Carl and Liu Fang wanted to keep the menu fresh. Along with GLB executive chef Kin Hong, East Coast pizza aficionado and friend of Great Leap, Daniel Gutter, helped put together a diverse menu of classic New York-style pizzas with slices so loaded with flavor they need to be folded in half.

Located in the quiet Xinyuan neighborhood between two of Beijing’s embassy areas, Brewpub #45 represents the next step in in our mission to create an environment and a product that can and should be enjoyed by all those that appreciate high-quality craft beer brewed right here in Beijing.


Classic New York-style pizza. We have 10 house pizzas, which you can view by clicking the food menu link below. We also serve pizza by the slice for those that are just looking for a quick bite.


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