GLB #12

Great Leap Brewpub #12 was opened in June 2013 to meet the high demand for our beer and was the first Great Leap location to include a full service kitchen. The twenty-tap bar features our signature ales and lagers and a revolving list of seasonal and specialty beers that have been brewed on site.  Since opening the Great Leap Cheeseburger has achieved culinary fame in the Beijing restaurant scene. Our full menu offers burgers, sandwiches and salads as well as a wide variety of bar snacks that go well with a pint.

Brewpub #12 is home to the majority of our brewing facilities, where our Brew Team works to make China’s best craft beer. Behind the bar, brewers can be seen tending to the mash in the lauter tun or bringing the wort to a boil in the kettle, the first steps of the brewing process. Glass walls in the restaurant provide a view of nine 1,000 and two 2,000 liter fermentation tanks that contain brands of our beers getting ready to go on tap.

Located a block north of Gongti Workers’ Gymnasium and open 365 days a year, Great Leap Brewing #12 is our Flagship Brewpub and a manifestation of the potential that we always knew we had.


The Cheeseburger: double meat, double cheese; beautiful in its simplicity. You won’t find a burger that better complements a pint. The bacon cheeseburger, lamb burger and GLB wings are other fan favorites.




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