GLB #6

In 2010, Great Leap Brewing founders Carl and Liu Fang hosted a party for friends to share some beer that they had brewed in a 110-year-old hutong residence. Word got out about the event and a host of students from the Wudaokou area showed up unexpectedly to try the brew. The Honey Ma Gold, Pale Ale #6 and East City Porter were on the menu and Great Leap Brewing was officially pouring beers.

It became clear to Carl and Liu Fang that the Doujiao Hutong #6 courtyard was just as iconic and meaningful to the people that gathered there as the beer that they were consuming. Initially, the novelty of spending nights in a nano-brewery open in the hutongs drew a crowd. Then an article by James Fallows of The Atlantic, who had just left Beijing to return home, thanked Great Leap Brewing for filling a long-empty void in the city’s food and beverage scene. The article, published under his annual Thankfulness blog, hit home with Carl and Liu Fang. They realized that what they had built meant something to not only to those who resided in Beijing, but even to individuals who had committed part of their life to the city but no longer lived in it. That realization turned Doujiao Hutong #6 into a responsibility and not just a hobby.

For the first two years of #6’s life, it served as office, incubator, distribution center, taproom, storage facility, brewery, and everything else imaginable for a young craft brewery. Great Leap Original #6 oversaw our beer menu grow from 4 beers on tap to 20, and fueled our expansion to new locations and facilities. Original #6 has transformed into what is easily recognized as a pillar of Asian craft beer.


At Great Leap #6 all we serve are bowls of spicy peanuts. Visitors can order delivery from local restaurants with anything from lamb leg to dumplings.

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