Great Leap Newsletter: July 2018
Great Leap Newsletter: July 2018
August, 2018

2018 Beijinger Burger Festival

Burgers. Beijing seems to have quite the affinity for burgers these days. Whether you’re a brewpub like Great Leap Brewing, a college bar chain with 10rmb tequila shots out in Shaoyaoju, or an exquisite enough restaurant to get away with charging over 200rmb for a slab of beef with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes, the last couple of years has seen people in Beijing go absolutely mad over chunks of cow squished together between two pieces of bread.

At Great Leap Brewing, we are immensely proud to boast that our Cheeseburger is annually voted either the 3rd or 4th best burger in Beijing during The Beijinger’s annual summer-long celebration of burgers. With two patties of Australian Angus beef topped with two pieces of cheddar cheese, fancy sauce, mayonnaise, and the always-delicious pickle stuffed between two sesame buns, we believe that simplicity makes the best burger. As we are once again aiming for the same bronze medal finish, make sure you all come out to the Burger Fest from June 16-17 at Galaxy Soho and grab yourself a bite of one of our delicious burgers.

Now, while we know all of you appreciate our beers, we also know that many of you are also huge fans of our cheeseburgers. With the closing of our Great Leap Brewing #12 Brewpub, many of you might have been concerned that the same fate awaits our burgers. Nevertheless, fear not, dear readers! Our burgers already have made the long, arduous trek from our former Xingfucun location to the kitchens of our Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub.

Since June 4th, our Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub menu has seen a complete revamp and now features six of our signature burgers: The Old Fashioned, our Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich, our Grilled Chicken Sandwich, our Pork Belly Sandwich, The Bacon Cheeseburger, and the aforementioned semi-award winning Cheeseburger. If you’ve been missing these scrumptious sandwiches, make sure you head on over to Great Leap Brewing #45 when you get the chance and relive the glory days with a bite of beef (or chicken, or pork) courtesy of Great Leap Brewing.


Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne Mimos

Since 2016, each summer has seen the release of our Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne. What makes this beer unique is not only the distinctiveness of the style itself, but also because it is our annual collaboration with one of our best friends in the craft-brewing world – Moon Dog Craft Brewery from Melbourne, ‘Straya.

Now, many of you might be thinking, what is a Barley Champagne? Is it beer? Is it Champagne? Well, it is most decidedly a beer… it just happens to have many characteristics that are usually associated with champagne. That’s because this beer is brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops (noted for their champagne-like aromatic properties), and fermented with, well, champagne yeast! Even if you are not a brewer yourself, you can see from the aforementioned description how this brew boasts the finest attributes of both beer and champagne.

Although a few breweries around the world are taking a crack at making their version of a Barley Champagne these days, Moon Dog’s Head Brewer, Adrian McNulty, initially developed the original recipe for this beer style. Produced annually in Australia and known as their Bad Boy Bubbly Barley Champagne, back in 2016 our old mates from Moon Dog brought their recipe to Beijing and, as true collaborations go, we added a few twists ourselves to create what would be the first batch of an annual tradition of camaraderie – the Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne.

When we first brewed this beer in 2016, it was the original Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne that now serves as the base beer for our annual collaboration. One of the best things about being a craft brewery is the ability to innovate, so each subsequent year has seen us add something new to the mix. 2017 saw us release our Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne Rosé, which saw copious additions of raspberry pureé added to our Barley Champagne base. This year, and just released at both of our locations last week, we are proud to present to you our Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne Mimosa. True to its name, this beer is our Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne base mixed with heaps of fresh orange juice to make this year’s iteration taste like, you guessed it, a mimosa.

Perfect for drinking at all times of the day, especially brunch, our Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne Mimosa is on tap at both Great Leap Brewing Original #6 and our Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub for 60rmb per 340ml pour. In addition, an extremely limited number of 750ml champagne (ha!) bottles with the Leaping the Dog logo will also be available while supplies last for 148rmb per bottle at our locations. Enjoy!


New Beer

Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne Mimosa ABV 9.5%

After doing our first barley champagne in 2016, and a rosé (champagne with raspberry) with the Moondoggies last year, this time the Leaping the Dog Barley Champagne is a Mimosa. Champagne with orange juice.

Bald is Beautiful Lager ABV 5.2%

The newest beer from our Homegrown Series, the Bald is Beautiful Lager is an impressively smooth Vienna lager with a beautiful copper color. Floral and aromatic with notes of biscuits on the nose, this beer finishes crisp, clean, and with slight notes of caramel on the tongue.